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Britain’s Favourite Breakfast

What is Britain’s favourite breakfast? What are we waking up and eating in the morning?

A recent survey has revealed what Britain’s favourite breakfast food is – and it seems we’re a a nation who like to stick to what we know. A poll of 2000 British adults, conducted by The Co-operative Food, revealed the traditional fry-up is still our morning meal of choice.

So it looks like we still enjoy a good old traditional breakfast foods, with foods like bacon, egg and toast. We’re slightly surprised to seeing eggs benedict so high up the table, we know you can’t beat the taste of warm, crispy bacon, hot buttered toasted muffins, perfectly poached eggs poached, and creamy, Hollandaise sauce. It’s not a breakfast you’d make regularly, unless you have time on your hands. If you do fancy having a go at making it here’s a Jamie Oliver reciepe for eggs benedict.

Here’s the full list of Britain’s best loved breakfasts:

1. Full English breakfast
2. Bacon sandwich
3. Tea and toast
4. Porridge
5. Cornflakes
6. Croissants and coffee
7. Scrambled egg on toast
8. Muesli
9. Weetabix
10. Poached egg on toast
11. Fruit and natural yoghurt
12. Scrambled egg and smoked salmon
13. Eggs benedict
14. Crumpets
15. Shredded Wheat
16. Jam on toast
17. Bagels with cream cheese and salmon
18. Cereal bar
19. Danish pastry
20. Rice Krispies

Don’t forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – don’t skip it. There’s plenty of options you can choose from, some of which you can have while rushing in the morning and other’s that take a little more time.

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